Best SEO Services in Dehradun, India


In today’s world of technology it has become foremost to broadcast your business to a larger audience and as we know that internet and business are interconnected. Lee Iacocca once said that you can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere; this needs to be done in order to take your business to newer heights. In order to do so one needs an organization that helps you broadcast your business. Bill gates once said that internet is becoming the town square for global village of tomorrow.

Smartbitz InfoTech is a firm that helps you publicize your business and increase its viewing using SEO technology. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a service that helps you increase the perceptibility of your business on the internet. It makes your business appear more and more on the search listings. SEO points to various searches like voice search, image search, video search etc. SEO relates only to organic search results.

The word SEO was first coined in by John Audette in 1997. Initially the search algorithm trusted on webmaster administered data and due to this the search engines experienced exploitation. Hence in order to provide superior results to their visitors, the search engines now had to alter the results. They needed to show the more meaningful and appropriate results rather than the irrelevant ones. Soon a search engine named “backrub” came up that rated the web pages using an algorithm.

SEO techniques are categorized as white hat SEO and black hat SEO. The white hat SEO produces results that last for a long time and are ethical while the black hat SEO produces results through spamdexing. Further Google search engine was introduced in 1998. Due to its simple design it soon became a big hit amongst its users. After that there was no looking back for Google. Soon it introduced Google Instant that delivered results instantly within no time. Further in 2011 Google announced the Google Panda update.

Using an updated algorithm Google Panda was constructed. This algorithm applied artificial intelligence to a greater extent than the earlier manner. Google Panda update aimed at increasing the quality of the search results by lowering the rank of low quality sites. Google Panda alters the ranking of the full website and not only a small section.

Google soon in 2012 introduced its Google Penguin update. The main aim of introducing Google Penguin was elimination of spamdexing. Google Penguin targets those websites that use black hat SEO techniques to increase their visibility and hence violate the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google Penguin with its introduction has affected the search queries and has helped the users in getting the required results to the zenith. Google has most recently come up with its Google Hummingbird update that was launched on September 27, 2013 to commemorate its 15th birthday. The main motive of launching this update was to make Google searching more human friendly.